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Shampoo time can be painless, fun and tear free! Does that sound too good to be true?

I didn’t believe it either until now. Last week my husband was out of town so I was forced to wash all of the sand and wood chips out of my toddler’s hair. How she gets all the sand and wood chips embedded into her pony tails is beyond me. I’m convinced she does it on purpose.

Usually hair washing day miraculously landed on Daddy’s bath days but he was out of town and it couldn’t wait. I was forced to deal with the splashing and tears on my own. Then I remembered the Lil Rinser, so I quickly pulled it out. My daughter loved it instantly she wore it as a hat as we prepared for bath time. We took pictures to celebrate the moment and then slipped into the tub.

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Helpful bath product: Lil' Rinser

Neither of my kids like water poured over their heads at the end of a bath when I'm trying to rinse everything off (Is there any kid out there that does?) They suffer through it - luckily neither are big screamers, but I definitely get yelled at more often than not. So when we recently tested out a Lil' Rinser hair/head product for the bath to help protect their eyes from the water, they were thrilled. Not only did it work to detour the water away from their eyes and down their backs, but they actually think it's funny and fun to do. Yay. It's more or less a visor that you hold right at the hairline of your child's forehead, and it deflects the water from the front to down their back. (You can watch a little educational video on the site to see how it works.) Cole (17 months) actually giggles every time I do it.

Dry Eyes / Clean hair

My 3-year-old daughter still puts up a major fuss at bathtime because she hates having her hair washed. She insists that water gets in her eyes even when we're holding two washcloths over them. We never had much success with flexible shampoo visors because they were too big for her little head. We recently tried the new Lil Rinser, and it worked surprisingly well. ("Wow, I want to use this every time!" she said.) It creates a watertight seal and has a soft rim inside that keeps water away from your child's face but lets it run down over her head and hair. Depending on how big your child's head is, you might have to press the sides in a little for a good fit, but this is definitely better than anything else we've tried.

The Celebrity

Does bath time fun turn into a nightmare when it comes to washing your child's hair? Kids don't like it when water and shampoo cascades down their faces and into their eyes and ears. But with Lil Rinser, your kids won't ever fuss again when it comes time to wash their hair. The Lil Rinser fits gently to your child's head and the soft rim channels water away from their face. A comfortable soft grip handle makes for easy handling and a sure fire grip so the Lil Rinser won't accidentally slip out of your hands. Plus, the Lil Rinser comes in four bright, vibrant colors that help make bath time fun again.

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Site of the Day: Lil Rinser

Terri's Special Children Blog From Terri Mauro, Your Guide to Parenting Special Needs . FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Site of the Day: Lil Rinser Hair-washing is a challenge for lots of kids with special needs. Maybe they don't like the feeling of being tipped backward, or the smell of shampoo, or the sensation of water on the face.

If that last one's the problem for your child, Lil Rinser is a product to consider. Invented by a parent who got tired of bathtime fights, it's a rubber rim that fits around your child's forehead and keeps the water and suds in the hair instead dribbling down the face.

For solutions to other hair-washing challenges, read "Five Ways to Handle Hair-Washing Hassles." And to meet some special-needs parents who've turned their challenges into business opportunities, visit "Enterprising Parents."

Gizzmos for Kids

The Lil Rinser is a water-tight, form fitting shampoo shield that keeps soap and water out of a young child’s eyes, ears and mouth. The soft rim fits smoothly yet snuggly against a child’s head and channels water and soap away from the face. The convenient and comfortable soft grip handle allows parents to hold the Lil Rinser in place and it is made of firm, flexible plastic. I tried the product on my daughter the day I received it.

My daughter was a little unsure of it when she saw it at first, and she wasn’t too keen on me putting it on her head. But after playing with it in the tub for a few minutes, she thought it was a hat and wanted to wear it. I slipped it on her head and it fit snugly. I held the grip of the Lil Rinser with one hand and poured water from a bucket on her head with the other. It worked really well. No water fell on her face - just a little around her ears because she was fidgeting as I rinsed. The Lil Rinser worked very nicely and was really easy to use. I plan to keep using it whenever I wash my daughter’s hair.


Since we received it, we've been able to use it for a few baths. The Lil' Rinser comes in only one size. It's super flexible, it even fit fairly comfortably on my adult sized head. (We had a great game of teacup head with it before bath-time). It has a flexible plastic lining that is soft and comfortable. This lining is what prevents water from leaking through and getting into your child's face. When we used it, Andy wasn't too pleased with having it on his head. I'm not too sure why, it might just be his general aversions to having things on his head, or it might've tugged his hair a little when I slipped it on. We usually rise off with a bucket of water, so I had the Lil' Rinser in my left hand, and the bucket of water ready to go in my right. I slipped it over his head, pushed it on a little and poured the water on. It worked nearly perfectly. A tiny bit of water leaked through the front, but way way less than if we weren't using the Lil' Rinser at all. Even though Andy was unhappy about it, and fighting it a little, I was still able to get the Lil' Rinser on well enough for it to work. Since it was channelling the water away from his face, I was able to rinse his hair a lot faster than usual. After two bucketfuls of water we were all done!

The Lil' Rinser is definitely a product I would highly recommend to every family with children who need help bathing.


Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?? You’ve probably seen those salon hair wash sinks that are pretty similar. I’ve never had my hair washed with one of those, but I feel like a stylist might not be able to wash my entire head of hair thoroughly. Also, I feel like the water might leak out onto my clothes because the washer sits directly over your head. For kids baths. Genius!

Everyone remembers the awful STING of shampoo in your poor little eyes as a child. Sure bath time was fun when you were playing with the bubbles & toys, but as soon as it was time to get to washing your hair.YIKES! The Lil Rinser makes bath time easy & keeps your kids eyes, ears & face protected while wash their hair.


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